Keeping Energy Use To Minimum On The Farm

Take any activity that people engage in and it would be evident of the importance of energy in keeping activities going as well as keep processes in line. It would help a lot to use lesser energy for any given process and it is here that the role of efficient systems comes to the fore. Despite the large strides that have come about in the use of energy and the way energy conservation is taken as an applied field, the further need to streamline and smoothen the delivery of still more efficient ways of doing things need to be noted.

Keeping The Machinery Well Maintained

A factor with most equipment and more so with the mechanical systems is that it needs to be kept well maintained to bring about the most efficient workings. This must be seen in the light that poor maintenance does lead to loss of energy in the various systems and more as friction in the joints and pivots.

Few people realize the importance of keeping equipment well maintained. Mostly the farm hands, the rustic people that they come to be, do not understand that better maintained systems could lead to a more efficient working. The typical reaction to maintenance is that it cost extra money which can be saved by skipping the activity at best.

The Use Of Proper Lighting Around The Farm

Most of the farms and particularly the really old ones would be using lighting fixtures that are as old as the very farm itself. This leads to a situation where the lighting system is rarely the most recent one in use and naturally the efficiency would be compromised. In using the most modern lighting, it is not that the energy consumption is reduced, but that the most light is delivered for the cost incurred.

If the strides that are being taken in the field of lighting is applied to every farm then there would be a good bit of energy saved to make a good difference to the actual cost of delivery of farm produce across the country.

Improving The Fuel Efficiency On The Farm

Farming taken as a general activity is known to be highly intensive on the use of energy and it would make a big difference to the energy used and in turn the energy costs to use the most efficient of systems available. Compared to a couple of decades back, the engines of today use just about half the fuel to do the same amount of work.

Of course, when considering older farms, it is mostly that there is some reluctance on the part of the farmer to invest in newer engines that use less amount of fuel. In many instances, the farmer would not be in a position to sink in the capital for the technology up gradation or it could be that the extra expenditure would not justify the return had from a newer system.