Five Life-Lengthening Health Tips For Farm Animals

Animals are the integral parts of a farm. They bring in profit to the farmer through various means. Therefore it is very important to ensure a good health and a long lifespan for them. Here are top five tips to achieve the same : 

#1 Healthy And Nutritious Food :

This is the basic necessity to ensure good health for your livestock. You consult a nearby veterinary doctor for guidelines if you do not have experience. They will guide you with the appropriate quality, frequency and quantity in which you must feed the farm animals. Right amount of nutrition will help the animals to produce milk, lay eggs or produce offsprings. You can take a sample of the food to a nearby laboratory to check for the presence of various nutrients in it.

#2 Vaccinations At The Right Time :

This seems more relevant to farm animals like cows and buffaloes. Even when you have tight budget this is not something to compromise on. In addition to right food, vaccination helps to boost immunity in the animals. There can be disease carrying parasites or pathogens living along with the animals in the shed. We seldom take notice of them as they are barely visible to naked eyes. You can protect your animals from the epidemic diseases spread by these parasites by regular vaccinations.

#3 Maintain Cleanliness :  

Most of the people often ignore on cleaning the animal shed. This might cost you the lives of all the animals. Wash the shed with clean water at least twice a week. You can also add some chemicals that will kill the dangerous viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens present there. Have a separate cabin to store their food products. Keep this place also neat and tidy otherwise you might feed them on contaminated food.

#4 Purchasing And Quarantining :

Purchase your livestock from healthy herds. I am sure you have heard this advice multiple times since you started the farm. But it is very important for you to make a detailed check on the background of the herd and the herder from whom you are purchasing the animals. The next step is quarantining. It is advisable to quarantine the new arrivals for at least a fortnight. This will give them time to adapt to the new atmosphere. Otherwise they might fall sick and spread illness to your existing stock also. If there are any sick animals in your existing stock it is advisable to quarantine them too.

#5 Health Check Ups And Maintaining Records: 

Follow a routine health check up tradition with the help of a nearby veterinarian. You can avoid any possible damage to the livestock by doing this. This will also ensure proper vaccinations to them. Keep a clear record of the animals. The record can consist of production, replacement of animals, underlying illness, age of the animals and so on. This can be tedious sometimes but put in that effort to keep your animals healthy.

Keep in mind each of these tips and implement them right away to lengthen the lifespan of your farm animals!