10 Farm Safety Tips That You Must Know

Farm owners love to spend their weekends in the farm interacting with the nature. Some of the owners might also be living in the farm itself. Here are some important tips to follow when you are in the farm :


#1 Precautions With Equipments :

Read the user manual carefully before starting to work with any new equipment. Inspect them at regular intervals for proper working conditions. Service them according to the guidelines from experts.

#2 Workers Safety :

There are plenty of tasks involved in farming and it is common to hire labourers to work for you. They are prone to more danger than you. It is your responsibility to ensure they are skilled enough to know what they are doing.

#3 Clothing :

It is advised to not wear loose clothing while doing farm work. It is best to tie up your hair in a bun. Be extra careful when entering silos, and grain bins.

#4 Say No To Alcohol :

Farming involves operating various machines and riding tractors. You should stay away from alcohol during these hours. Even a single minute of negligence may lead to fatal consequences.

#5 Chemicals Storage :

Ensure you have a separate cabinet to store different chemical like pesticides and manures. It is even better if you can lock this cabinet. Note down the expiry date of all the chemical products you possess. Check the list before using any products after a long time. Keep children away from this place. Better yet, get a professional pest control company like Pest Control Brisbane Southside to do the job for you and keep those chemicals and pesticides offsite. 

#6 Extra Care For Children And Pets :

Have a restricted area for your children to walk around in the farm. They might unknowingly get their hands on dangerous equipments or electric cables. This is applicable to your pets if you carry them to your farm.

#7 Cleanliness Is Very Important :

Keep the yard or walking path of your farm clean. Take away tree limbs if they are hanging low. Keep your farm rid of weeds as much as possible. If there are electrical wires passing at lower levels talk to the concerned authorities.

#8 Stay Fresh :

Make sure you have got enough sleep before heading to work in the farm. Refrain from working if you have symptoms of fatigue. Do not push yourself too much as it can lead to accidents.

#9 Livestock Care :

Most of the owners have livestock on their farm. Arrange for \ routine health checkups for them. Livestocks can be primary reasons for spreading of some epidemic diseases. Ensure good quality food and water at regular intervals. Aggression in animals will lead to bad consequences.

#10 Set Up A Plan :

Last but not the least, make a plan for all the farm related activities. Especially if you aim to establish your farm as a business, plan becomes very crucial.

Be it for business or just for your happiness, farming involves taking care of a lot of things. The most crucial ones are listed and hopefully they will make your farm life a better one!